I was just thinking, the one thing that Jesus said should identify us as “his” disciples to this world is (check this out) that we “love one another” (seems so easy, right?) We are brothers and sisters! Woo-hoo!

“So just be kind, be loving enough to turn the other cheek and everybody will know that you’re my disciples” [paraphrased] said Jesus, right? So why is it so difficult for people that call themselves Christians (disciples of Christ)? It’s because without the spirit of Jesus were scorekeeping, hateful, mean, disengaged, unforgiving and rude; self-preservation and opinion rules!

To be self-sacrificing and to be loving to each other ARE the identifying characteristic of being HIS disciples because if you really are a Spirit-filled disciple of Jesus then you’re going to love and you’ll especially love and prefer other disciples of Jesus above yourself! Why? Because, He’s the father of your faith!

If you’re offended, if you are holding a grudge, if you’re not talking to your family, if you are not talking to your friends, or if you give people the “stink eye,” you didn’t learn this from our Rabbi Jesus, therefore, who’s disciple are you?

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