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We are getting ready to begin a new Sunday School unit, which I am extremely excited about! In praying about where to go next in 2018 in our Sunday School program, the Lord laid the topic of spiritual gifts heavy on my heart. I was praying about how to show the children how to go deeper in their walk with God, and suddenly, the Lord dropped this topic into my spirit. I want the children of Abundant Life to go farther than they have ever gone before!

Our Sunday School staff is passionate about communicating to our children that God can and will speak directly to them and use them in miraculous ways. We will be going through stories about how God has used kids and young people throughout history, and will be emphasizing (as Paul does in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12) that every person has a unique part to play in the body of Christ. That includes kids! We will focus on a different category of spiritual gift every Sunday from 10:00 am to 10:30 am so be sure to get your kids here, as I believe they will be blessed!

Here is our schedule for this new unit:

Spiritual Gifts Unit:
January 14th – Word of Wisdom/Word of Knowledge
January 21st – Prophecy
January 28th – Faith
February 4th – Gifts of Healings and Working of Miracles
February 11th – Discerning of Spirits
February 18th – Tongues and Interpretation
February 25th – Serving
March 4th – Teaching
March 11th – Giving
March 18th – Leadership
March 25th – Showing Mercy
April 1st – Gospel Sunday/Children’s Church/Resurrection Sunday
April 8th – Bible Bucks Store

Thank you all for your kind support of the children’s ministry at Abundant Life!

Michael Schroeder

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