Want to get to know Christian families?

Care Groups are an important new element at Abundant Life!  We want to get you connected with what we are doing in a personal way with your local care group in your community!


Gus and Brigitte Skowron are the leaders of our Johnstown Care Group.  They would love to have you join them for a time of fellowship, prayer, and good conversation!

Gus and Brigitte Skowron

Johnstown Care Group Leaders


Casey and Jessica Baltzell are the leaders of the Loveland Care Group.  They meet the first Thursday of every month at Casey and Jessica’s house for a time of worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.  They would love to have you join them!

In addition, the Loveland group also has a weekly Bible study on Thursdays that goes through the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse.  They go from house to house in Loveland, and would love to have you join them!

Casey and Jessica Baltzell

Loveland Care Group Leaders

Milliken and Greeley

Joe and Carla Mullins are the leaders of the Milliken/Greeley Care Group.  Join them for a time of fellowship!  Volleyball, soup bars, small devotionals, and prayer are some of the monthly activities you can expect! They usually meet on the first Saturday of the month.

Joe and Carla Mullins

Milliken and Greeley Care Group Leaders


The Cheyenne, Wyoming Care Group is led by James and Jeannie Creel.  The Cheyenne group is a committed group of people who join together for fellowship, prayer and a lesson from the Word.  They would love to have you join them!

Buddy and Jeannie Creel

Cheyenne Care Group Leaders

Fort Collins

Come and join us for a time of fellowship in the Fort Collins area! Michael Schroeder heads this Care Group up and wants to get connected with the members in the Fort Collins area!  This care group meets every Monday for Bible study. Join them for friendly conversation, prayer, and time to get to know each other a little better!

Michael Schroeder

Ft. Collins Care Group Leader

Greeley and Evans

Mike and Shara Valdez are the care group leaders in Greeley.  Contact them for more information on how to get involved with activities and encouragement!

Mike and Shara Valdez

Greeley/Evans Care Group Leaders


Brian and Sharai Kingston are the Care Group Administrators at Abundant Life, overseeing all of the Care Groups.  If you have any questions, or are not sure which group you should attend, please contact them and they will get you “plugged in” to the right group!

Brian and Sharai Kingston

Care Group Administrators