If we are going to care about rules and laws, weapons and voting, oceans and endangered species… We better rise up and defend the cause of the oppressed and hurting. We cannot love God and hate our neighbor.. Those do not go together.
These are not numbers or statistics, but people.
The targeted and murdered have names. The hungry and unhoused have names. These are people with stories and a future. People who belong to God, are loved by God, and have a purpose.
So we pray…
We pray to God for mercy and God teaches us to be merciful. We pray to God for justice and God directs us in ways to practice it. We pray to God for compassion and grace, and God makes us an instrument of it. We pray for God to “do something” and God shows us how WE are to move next.
So often we pray and yet our actions are disconnected from our prayers. Our prayers are more like well wishes for the pain to go away. Often times our hearts are satisfied with staying far from the broken pieces and torn places…
But prayer aligns our hearts with God’s heart…and God’s heart is always and forever going to be about love- Love that goes to where the broken pieces are, love that is messy and beautiful at the same time. Love that reaches out, risks it all and lays down its life.
“Dear brothers and sisters let us not love with WORDS OR SPEECH but in ACTION AND IN TRUTH.” I John 3:18 (NIV)

Kathleen Murphy

Young man giving a homeless, shirtless guy the shirt off his back!


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